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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Buy The Olympic Symphonium Record "More In Sorrow Than In Anger" on LP/Digital Download.


Check Out The New Olympic Symphonium, Andrew Sisk (Share) Directed, Video

Finally, Heres Is A Teaser For The New Share Record. Out August 4th.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Share Spring UK Tour

Share's UK "In Need of Sleep Tour" 2009 :

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Olympic Symphonium BBC Radio 2 Session

The guys speak with legendary radio host Bob Harris about the band, there home and making music.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Since we last left you, snow had shutdown the city, our first 2 shows were cancelled and we spent our time sightseeing around snowy snowy London.
Ok so now, it’s the end of the tour for Dennis and I. We got to spend some time in Glasgow with my sister as the rest of Share(Andrew, Nick & Kyle) travel to Germany to perform in Berlin as a trio to finish off the very first Forward Music European Tour.
This last week has been amazing. The snow melted in London, things got back to normal. Grand Theft Bus was able to showcase at 229 in London to a packed house. We all got to see some familiar faces and want to thank our friends for coming out to support the band. After a week in Ireland, Andrew finally met up with the rest of us at the flat in London, needless to say he was happy to see us. Share’s first show was unknowingly in a country bar. We played to a packed house of country folk who surprisingly enough, loved it. Not that we aren’t country but, really we aren’t country. Tim, Bob and James headed home leaving the rest of us to finish off the tour.
Share & the Olympic Symphonium continued on to York to play this amazing venue, the Duchess. Headlining the bill was Bella Union artist Peter Broderick, a one man musical maniac looping keyboard, guitar, violin, a saw, plus a load of percussive toys while singing sad folk tunes. He really was amazing, blew all of us away and know we have crushypoos. At the point in the tour we rented a car to get us from York to Glasgow while playing some dates in between, I learned that driving on the left side isn’t so bad, you feel weird at first but you just need a little reminder from the guys what side is the right side right before you start the drive.
Andrew, Dennis and I went on to Leeds while the others hoped a train back into London to tape there BBC Session for the Olympic Symphonium. The guys were actually photographed by Papparazzi on there way out of the BBC studio(never know maybe it’ll be worth something someday). The rest of us played as a 3 piece for an open mic night hosted by an Elvis impersonator in a bar located in the Industrial Park in Leeds. Lets just say it was interesting. Elvis got up to the mic and introduced as “Smare” to the 6 people waiting to play after us. Some of the best footage we ever shot.
Newcastle was amazing we meet Joel and Jack the promoters of The End Bar, played to a create crowd. The boys treated us like gold and took us out for bitters after.
Then it snowed again…
Seriously it followed us the whole trip. We drove to Edinburgh, got to lay eyes on the North Sea while making our way along the coast, showed up to the Bowery our venue for the night, it was in the basement of like old church. Great space, great people, great openers called “2nd hand marching band” who were literally a 20 piece band with a Beirut feel to them.
We finally made it to Glasgow to play with Women an awesome Canadian band on the rise right now. We were lucky to see some good friends of ours plus play to a packed house, it was the best show to end our tour as a 5 piece band and send the rest of the guys off to Germany.